Posted by: KNPB Mimika Region | May 16, 2011

Police Arrested 6 KNPB’s Activists in Wamena, West Papua

Submitted by papuaemergency on April 30, 2011 – 13:19.

Wamena, today (30/4), on 10.00 A.M, six activists from West Papua National Committee [KNPB] have been arrested by Indonesia Police In Pucak Jaya (Wamena) while they were distributing leaflets demonstrations for May 2nd.

According to Victor Yeimo as international spokesperson for KNPB, the names of the KNPB’s activist were, Baroy Sambom (24), Etus Wandik (29), Victor Kepno (19), Yarimi Yare (10), Agustinus Mabel (20), Tohmas Loho (21). “We got information directily from Simion Dabi as chairman of KNPB in Wamena that the six man still questioned by Indonesian Police in Wamena. We are dissapointed that Indonesian Police is still close the room democracy in Wamena”, said Victor.

Terror and Force by Indonesian Army in West Papua

Meanwhile, in Jayapura, West Papua repoted that the last condition is heating up. Many Indonesian troops patrolling while plugging the red and white flag (Indonesian flag) on every street corner. They also forced the West Papuans to fly the red and white flag in front of their homes to commemorate the annexation of Papua into Indonesia on May 1, 1962.

KNPB through the demo coordinator, Mako Tabuni has announced to the people of West Papua in order to not affected by the provocation of the TNI and stay focus on the agenda of the demo on 2 May.

According to the its plan, KNPB will organize the people of West Papua to commemorate the annexation as the beginning of oppression in Papua under Indonesian control through demonstration to demand referendum in West Papua.**

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