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Political conflict about the validity of the territory of West Papua continue to debated, questioned, Talk or in the review and settled in accordance with international legal mechanisms in order to obtain the truth and accepted by the people of West Papua and Indonesia.

The main problem is the people of West Papua’s political status of West Papua in the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) are not final, because the process of entering the territory of West Papua in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia was carried out with violations of the standards, principles of international law and human rights by the United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia and the United Nations for the sake of their political economy. Because the process is the result of international conspiracy the parties, then the issue of political conflicts on the territory of West Papua’s political status should be resolved at international level.

We the people of Papua nation states with a real attitude to the international world order is known by all nations on earth that:

  1. REFERENDUM Papuan People’s demanding democracy as a solution to solving the nation’s political status of Papua.
  2. Papua people declare to the world that Indonesia control of West Papua since May 1, 1963 to the present Unauthorized according to International Law.
  3.  Act of free choice in 1969 or 1969 Act of Free Choice conducted in Papua is not appropriate principles and standards of international law as well as a lot of manipulation occur.
  4. Papuan People Telling the World that the Right to Self-Determination for West Papuans are still valid until now, according to International Law.
  5. United Nations, America, Holland and Indonesia IMMEDIATE responsible for the nation’s political status of Papua.

To support and resolve issues in world politics Papuans International, thus begging the people of West Papua to support and recommend:

  1. All the people of West Papua to fully support the International Conference on High Level by the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) as the path to the referendum for the people of West Papua.
  2. European Parliament, IPWP, ILWP and diplomats statues OPM to encourage political settlement through legal and political.
  3. All the people of West Papua to ask support to the government of the Republic of Vanuatu and the other Pacific States to bring the political status of Papua to the ICJ.
  4. All the people of West Papua to ask support for the government of the States of Europe, Columbia and the States Africa to bring political status of Papua to the ICJ.
  5. All the people of West Papua to ask support to the leadership of people around the world and in West Papua to support the referendum for the people of Papua.
  6. All the people of West Papua to ask support to institutions to support human rights for the nation of Papua Referendum in West Papua.

Thus the statement of West Papua is our nation goes to the real world, and reliable.

Port Numbay: August 02, 2011




Signed by West Papua Indigenous people:

Chronology of Thousands of Mass Action Demo in Jayapura, Timika, Manokwari, Wamena, Biak, Merauke, Sorong, Paniai, Nabire and Jakarta State Palace.

Peace Action Demo supports Summit (Summit) International Lawyears for West Papua (ILWP) in London, England on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 are planned to take place throughout Papua safely. Places to go down a peaceful demonstration of Jayapura, Timika, Nabire, Wamena, Manokwari, Biak, Merauke, Sorong, Paniai and the State Palace in Jakarta. In accordance with the reports we received from all over Papua West Papua People that strongly supports the full conference ILWP with their traditional expressions of each. Participants of peaceful demonstrations all the action is almost the same as the number of the action every 3000 people a place of action.

From observation of the National Committee of West Papua [KNPB] as the nation’s media people of West Papua as well as domestic political responsibility which has been mediating the people to hold peaceful demonstrations to support the High Level Conference in the UK ILWP in all areas of Papua: Jayapura, Timika, Nabire, Wamena , Manokwari, Sorong, Biak, Paniai and the State Palace in Jakarta. KNPB monitor the security apparatus mengamankana peaceful demonstrations with very strict consisting of members of the Police, Papua Police Mobile Brigade and supported by the Indonesian National Army, Kopasus, Detachment 88 and BIN country Indonesia in Papua from start to finish has been moving its members to maintain security and order in during the rally.

A number of armored vehicles were parked everywhere throughout the land of Papua. Moments later crowds began to arrive and gather in gathering point prepared by the Committee for action as he unfurled a banner supporting ILWP High Level Conference in London, England. Furthermore, a number of representatives from sliding all the figures to Merauke in turns delivering speeches demanding a referendum for the people themselves can determine the Papuan Political rights to self-determination. “We do not believe the Act of Free Choice in 1969 which was made unilaterally by the government of Indonesia, therefore we value the Disability Law. Moreover, the economic life of the people of Papua in tatters “.

Thousands of demonstrators joined in the national media people of West Papua West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Tuesday, August 2, 2011 conduct a peaceful demonstration in support of the International Conference on the theme ‘West Papua – The Road to Freedom’, the Conference itself is an activity conducted by two institutions Papua solidarity, namely IPWP and ILWP and Free West Papua Campaign commanded by Benny Wenda and Melinda Jangki, International Lawyers for West Papua [ILWP].

The action supports the Conference in Papua Head I KNPB, Mako Tabuni, when interviewed at the demo site, said that, “Right now, we want to prove to the world and Indonesia that we want to self-determination through legal mechanisms are legal and legitimate, both in Indonesia, as well as internationally “.

KNPB Jayapura Report 3000 People of Papua in Jayapura Support ILWP Confrence in London, UK.

The nation’s Jayapura 3000 people of West Papua is mediated by the West Papua National Committee, occupied the eyes of Highways Sentani-Jayapura in Abepura Circle. So 3000′s resulted in the demonstration peaceful sit on the road, then all aksitifitas been gridlocked from 8:00 to complete the activities at 5:00 pm. For that we convey to the Community Internasionan and Nasionanal and all components of the People of West Papua nation which cares Nations self-determination in West Papua, that the August 2, 2011 in Jayapura Papua, we have been doing for Action Demo Peace by the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), in the insect form of support for the High level International Conference by (ILWP) in London UK.

KNPB Sorong Report that Hundreds of Papuans in Sorong Supports ILWP Confrence in London, UK.

Associated with ILWP summit in the United Kingdom on August 2, 2011 hundreds of West Papuans in Sorong held a political pulpit. Action is mediated by the political platform of the West Papua National committee [KNPB] Mediated people of West Papua in Sorong to support ILWP conference in London, UK.  All the components or elements in the struggle Sorong Region also take portions of the pulpit, because according to KNPB Sorong Region secretary Jack Badi that this action is a nationwide collective action. All the components in question include DAP, WPNA, TPN-OPM, TAPOL-Prisoners, SPP, FNMPP, GARDA-P, SONAMAPA, West Papua Voice Society, church leaders, community and sympathizers Shop our full support for all of Summit International conference by ILWP in London, UK.

Pulpit Politics begins promptly at 10:00 to finish at 1:00 pm initiality, all components of the people of Papua to sign as a form of support from the open field in front of the Church of SPG 2 GKI Maranatha, JL. F. Kalasua City Sorong. Although After the gathering, Erry Loho, Field Coordinator Demonstration directs the to sit simultaneously on the soccer field.

The orators were alternately delivered political speeches or statements. In principle speeches – speeches that have been declared, it supports all the process or effort that is driven by the International Parliamentariants for West Papua (IPWP) and the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP). Because of the thus orators have a fundamental conviction that resolving the issue of West Papua through international law, there must be a solution for the nation of Papua to Self-Determine itself through international mechanisms, namely: REFERENDUM.

The statement was read by the political attitudes Yohame Martin, Chairman of China Region KNPB as the party responsible for the activities. After reading the statement, followed by the signing of representatives of all components of the nation of Papua. Activities ended promptly at 2:00 all the people had been returned safely, leave the field SPG.

This is all Pictures from Peace Demonstration in Sorong to Support ILWP Confrence in England, United Kingdom.

KNPB Wamena Report Thousands of Papuans in Wamena Supports ILWP Confrence  in London, UK.

Submitted to the International Society and the National as well as all components of the West Papuan People’s Nation which is concerned with Self-Determination of West Papua nation, that the August 2, 2011, the entire people of the middle mountains of Papua staged a peaceful demonstration was centered in Wamena, which is mediated by the media people of the nation of Papua namely, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Wamena region has done a form of Peace Action Support to the International High Level Conference ILWP in London, UK.

In politics, many representatives of the oration. But according to Chief KNPB Region Wamena Simion Daby in his oration say that, We the people of West Papua’s central mountains region strongly supports the full range of ILWP conference and we remain Papuan People Demand to Referendum because the referendum is a Democratic and the best solution in International mechanism then we ask ILWP and IPWP to immediately encourage settlement of Papua’s political status through international mechanism that is a Referendum. Activity or form of support for the political scene began at 11:00 WPB to finish at 15:21 with a safe state.

This is all Pictures from Peace Demonstration in Wamena to Support ILWP Confrence in England, United Kingdom.

West Papua community in Biak action to support ILWP Conference in London

Biak News August 3, 2011, Society of West Papua in Biak on August 2, 2011 gathered at the Indigenous Sub Soriodo KBS Hall to take action to support the International Conference conducted by ILWP (International Lawyers for West Papua) in London. Around 1000 people mass of the Biak people who came from North, West Biak, Supiori, South Biak, Biak-Oridek East, and Padaido Numfor Peoples Hall was crowded pages. Support activities undertaken by the National Committee on the territory of West Papua Biak (KNPB) in the form of thanksgiving and prayer to open the political stage for people to make speeches, political speeches about the flawed implementation of the Act of Free Choice 1969.

From the action was finally invited KNPB Biak area Parliament Regional People byak to read his political support to ILWP directly through Mr. Benny Wenda via telephone and invited Mr. Benny Wenda delivering political speeches to the people of West Papua is currently performing the action of support to the Conference. Society is very happy that Mr. Benny Wenda can direct communications to them via phone.

Byak Regional People’s Parliament expressed support letter on behalf of the West Papuan people in the Region byak to ILWP. The letter was read by the Chairman of Apollos Sroyer one reads the Regional People’s Parliament

“On this day Tuesday, August 2, 2011, at Aidoram Sorido CLA-time KBS West Papua: stating that the question of West Papua is a matter of international law which, Implementation of the 1969 Act of Free Choice by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia under the Agreement 1962 New York Agreement has been violated and disenfranchise West Papuan people to self-determination, to the 1969 Act of Free Choice by the New York Agreement in 1962 and should be sued is not Legal. And REREFENDUM as a middle way to put West Papua issue. West Papua’s status settlement must be in accordance with the standard-standard Human Rights, Principles of International Law and the UN Charter.

This view as well as Foreign Policy Politics Nation West Papuan struggle. For that on this occasion we express full support to the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) to be able to help us bring West Papua case is to be solved by standard-the standard of Human Rights, Principles of International Law and the UN Charter.

This is all Pictures from Peace Demonstration in Timika to Support ILWP Confrence in England, United Kingdom.



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