KNPB Timika Region News is an online media that is made for the sake of fighting for Truth and Justice in West Papua. West Papua National Committee (KNPB) is a folk Nation Media West Papua in the country that is raising the Truth and justice in this country and have been formed in all regions of Papua, one of them in the Timika area. Thus one of them is through this site.

KNPB Timika Region News is to raise and introduce the reality of the lives of the people of West Papua and factual happening in all corners of the territory of West Papua. KNPB News will use English and Indonesian languages, both languages ​​into the language of writing in this site so that KNPB Timika Region News into a site that contains all information with Indonesian and English.

KNPB is a media voice of West Papuans by the Truth and justice, and expanding human rights to liberate the people of West Papua. Tears of Truth and Justice for the People of West Papua is the self-esteem that will never cease to speak in any one of them is KNPB News. KNPB Timika Region People’s News Talking With the West Papuans.

KNPB is a media for the people and organizations struggle in West Papua that is now organizing to move, and is creating an united struggle within whole organizations and activists of  West Papua and International Community to gain the right of self-determination.


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